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[WORKING] War Robots Unlimited Free Gold Generator Updated 2023

11 sec ago- War Robots Gold Generator Here! Are you searching for the right tactics to make quick progress in the multiplayer action-packed game “War Robots”? Don’t go anywhere as we are here to present 100% legit online War robots hack. The online generator has already created plenty of buzz in the mobile gaming world due to its fascinating features. With the tool, gamers can now generate unlimited gold and silver. The war robots cheats will generate unlimited amounts of gold for your war robots game as many times as possible all at no cost.



You are always provided with a range of amounts of gold to choose but you can always come back for more at your own convenience. "Walking War Robots (now War Robots as of a recent update) is a free mobile gaming app developed by Pixonic, a renowned mobile game developer from Russia. First released for Apple iOS platforms in the name Walking War Robots in 2014, the game is now available on Google Play for Android devices and on Apple’s App Store for iPhones and iPads.

Walking War Robots provides exciting and thrilling action and offers real-time player versus player (PvP) fights in the massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming mode. Its features include 24 battle robots with various strengths, more than 20 weapon types such as energy and plasma guns and ballistic missiles, and limitless combinations of these robots and weapons. All combat is held in 6v6 mode and requires the players to operate the giant robot characters of their choosing on the battlefield.

Although Walking War Robots features so much detail crammed in the robots of the game and requires a stable internet connection to run, the graphics are amazing. Some have called it the ideal mech game packed in a mobile platform, and it continues to cater to players addicted to the action-packed challenges in the game. Players can also create war machines to fit their play style, join clans, and complete military tasks for bonuses.

However, to keep fighting and winning battles with the best robots and weapons, players must earn copious amounts of in-game currency, gold bars and silver coins. Power of Currency Walking War Robots actually feature three types of in-game currency: Gold, Silver, and Workshop Points. The first two are earned in battle, although Gold requires a player to have been in the winning team’s top 3, to have captured the most beacons in the winning team, and to have won a battle with a friend.

Gold and workshop points can also be earned by completing objectives. Only one robot or weapon can be upgraded at a time, with the time and amount of silver required for an upgrade increasing for every level. This process can be speeded up, though, by spending gold. In order to dominate the game, many players spend real money to purchase gold bars, which in turn can be used to purchase silver coins. Players can also purchase Premium or VIP, temporarily allowing them to earn experience points and silver coins 50% faster.


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