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Living and Teaching on the Texas-Mexico Border: The Life Lessons It Has Taught Me

By Dr. Edith Treviño | Sept 2020

La Frontera is my border, and it is who I am. La Frontera is a living creature that takes many life forms. I imagine a great, huge beast that demands respect, but at the same time consoles us with a deep sense of belonging. La Frontera represents my culture. My Mexican culture brings out my Mexicanness, the hard work, of our people, our determination, a way of life that is always inviting, and nurturing.

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Teaching In The Time of Covid: A Social Emotional Toolkit for Teachers

By Dr. Edith Treviño | July 2020

This Covid19 pandemic has blindsided us like a car crash, and it punched us in the stomach rightas we were attempting to get back up. There has to be time spent on “recovering” from thewreck, and the punches. It is imperative that we recognize our own social emotional wellbeing,so that we can make our way out of this wreckage with strength, courage, and determination. 

Cinco Reasons Why I am PROUD to Speak Spanish

By Dr. Edith Treviño | Sept 2020

This is a children's book which shows five amazing reasons why the author is proud to speak Spanish. This book promotes language, and culturally responsive teaching.


Manual de apoyo para padres: Como apoyar a nuestros hijos con el aprendizaje en línea

By Dr. Edith Treviño | Sept 2020

Este manual ha sido creado en un esfuerzo por apoyar este proceso al observar siete pasos cruciales a medida que nos embarcamos en la enseñanza en línea durante COvid19. Este manual aporta la opinión profesional de administradores, educadores y padres. Los diferentes lentes representados en este manual, colectivamente, han presentado lo que creemos que son las implicaciones más importantes a considerar durante este movimiento hacia la enseñanza en línea.


The First Days of Virtual School Amid Covid19: A Ten Step Handbook to Teaching Online

By Dr. Edith Treviño | July 2020

The Covid19 pandemic is a health crisis, which has interrupted and blindsided the education sector with great force. Covid19 is also a mental crisis which has brought forth emotional unrest and trauma to so many of us. In a matter of weeks, and without warning, everything changed. Educators were forced to quickly adapt, and modify their tried and true instructional methods. Covid19 forever altered the fabric of public education.





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