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Check Out Dr. ET Treviño’s Story

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. ET Treviño.

Dr. Treviño, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin? I started Dr. ET & Company on March 13, 2020, right before Covid shut the world down. Two districts had signed up for my first sessions in April, but they cancelled the third week of March. I didn’t share with anyone, not even with my family that I was terrified and fearful for the future of my company. I had left a great job at the region level. Now I was starting my own consulting company, but there were no clients. But I did not give up. Although I did not have any work, I knew I had to continue creating and working. I began to create free virtual sessions for anyone who was wanting to learn technology. Most of the world was afraid of technology, and this is an area where I had lots of experience. I offered free zoom sessions, how to create videos, zoom 101, online learning, you name it. I had to learn a new approach to the work that I was already doing, but in a way that worked during covid times. During that slow time, I also published several books to help support teachers, students and parents. One of my guides was ranked top 100 in Amazon under Crisis Management. Eventually, organizations realized that I could still support them, but online. Then slowly the calls came in for work opportunities. Now, I am booked about 85% of the year throughout the state of Texas.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road? It has NOT been a smooth road. I have been doing this work for close to 20 years, but I never received compensation. Many people have told me that I am lucky because my company has grown so much. Yet, they have no idea that this has not been an overnight success. There have been YEARS of work behind the scenes. When I officially launched my consulting company the world shut down due to Covid. Everyone was calling me and asking me why I was crazy enough to leave such a good job, to open up my own business during the worst time. The reality was, that no one knew that the world was going to shut down. I walked in faith and remained in faith through such a dark time.

I basically had to relearn new methods to support my clients. I forced myself to grow and find innovative ways to teach. I was extremely uncomfortable, and I leaped out of my comfort zone. I used this dark time to learn and get better at my craft. I wrote and published my own books, and guides to support my sessions. I learned how to use Zoom at a more professional level, and started to post daily on social media. I could not land a job to save my life. But I continued to be present in my field. I would offer free sessions online. I remember at times I would have 1-5 people sign up. I kept on going, then eventually I had 100 people show up online from all across the country and beyond. Then one day districts started to hire me, and the rest is history. I can now say I have supported thousands of parents, students, and teachers in the state of Texas.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on? I love this question. I am an educational consultant, which means I offer all types of educational sessions for teachers, parents, students, and staff. I specialize in anything having to do with learning, most specifically with Bilingual Education, ESL Education, Ed Tech, and Social Emotional Learning. I am known for wearing a ton of bracelets, and Mexican jewelry, as I am very proud of my culture, my bilingualism, and heritage. I also served in the United States Army Reserves when I graduated high school, while I was still an immigrant. I love to incorporate my lived experiences in all of my work. I am an immigrant, and I learned English when I was seven years old. In the last year, I filmed and recorded a Rap Video/Song which has one million views on Tik Tok. What sets me apart from other presenters is that I am different, usually people don’t expect to laugh, and learn at the same time. I am most proud of the work that I have done across the state of Texas. I am especially proud of my publications and published books. I love to empower others, that is what I do best. I have been the Opening Keynote for the Texas Education Agency two years in a row, which is a high honor for me as a former Texas teacher. If you attend one of my sessions you will leave with an explosion of knowledge, you will have laughed, maybe cried, but definitely filled your tank with positivity, hope, and excitement for the future. I was born to do this work. I always share that I am not your regular keynote, or presenter. I don’t like to be regular, and I can’t be normal either.

Are there any books, apps, podcasts, or blogs that help you do your best? I am an avid reader. Since I am always on the road, I don’t have the opportunity to sit and read as much. My favorite app is audible. I love to use audible and listen to my favorite authors and listen to all my favorite books. My favorite books include the Power of Moments, The Book of Joy, Super Better, Chase the Lion, and Presence.

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