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Parents, Anything You Do Is Going to Be Valid

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Interview with Dr. Edith Treviño, by Laura Sheneman, The Librarian Influencer.

Special Coronavirus Podcast Series: Part 1

Our special guest today is Dr. ET, Edith Treviño, She is a veteran educator and a mom to 5! She has simple tips to help parents whose children are now at home since their school was closed due to the Coronavirus.

Listen to her interview here

In this podcast, Dr. ET does a wonderful job offering suggestions to parents who are teaching their children at home.

  • Reassure your child when they are worried. Calm their fears.

  • Maintain some kind of structure to the day.

  • Read daily with and to your child.

  • Baking and cooking - these are reading, math, and science activities!

Some of Dr. ET’s favorite technology tools are:

- Airpano

- 360Cities

- Smithsonian Museum

  • Go Noodle - music and movement website

  • MackinVIA - a resource your district/campus may have with resources inside it

  • Little Sponges - learn other languages

  • Maker Maven STEAM Challenges

  • These are Learning Management Systems (LMS) your child may mention. Their teacher would put lessons inside. Let your child lead the way with using these tools.

- Google Classroom

- Edmodo

- Blackboard

- Schoology

Create a schedule for your child's day:

Additional Resources:

You can follow Librarian Influencer Dr. ET on Twitter: @DrETontheBorder.

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